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trend factory


The latest edition of Visi Magazine is just up my street…the Office Issue. With so many features which will have you re-imagining your own office (not that I need to do that right now!), one inspiring workspace story stood out for me: the newest TFG (The Foshini Group) Design Centre offices are both interactive and super creative, perfect for one of South Africa’s leading fashion retailers.

A visually stunning feature of the space is the 3-storey-high “Fashion Through the Ages” installation by stylist Tracy Lynch. Four illustrators – Sarah Pratt, Gabby Raaff, Brandt Botes and Lauren Fowler –  were commissioned to portray the nature of different periods in fashion history, using images from popular culture which have been enlarged and printed on canvas. An epic visual feast of fashion!


Get you latest issue of Visi Magazine to see the rest of the images from this story…you wont be disappointed!

bliss at Decorex


it’s kind of cool when small-scale crafts get super-sized into larger-than-life dimensions…Cape Town award-winning stylist Tracy Lee Lynch has created a massive tapestry-inspired entrance feature for the upcoming Decorex Cape Town 2013…her interpretation of the show’s theme Bliss.

Visi magazine says, “This year’s show reflects the decor and design trend of returning to simplicity becoming a new form of luxury. Luxury in 2013 is not defined by expensive materials and brand names, but rather centres on quality, bespoke objects with a genuine, artisanal design. As the world around us gets more hectic, we now turn to more humble and simplified decor.”


Decorex Cape Town is on next week from 25th April and my friend Lana is having a double ticket giveaway over on her blog Lanalou Style…so head over there immediately if you want a chance to win! I wont be around next week to visit Decorex…I’ll be in NEW YORK CITY! But hey, someone has to do the trip, right?!