Alicia Bock – from Paris to the seaside

It’s always such a joy to discover interesting & talented photographers from far away places, courtesy of the www. One of my favourite finds is the talented Alicia Bock who takes the kind of photographs I could only dream of taking.
They evoke nostalgic memories in a wonderfully vintage way. I especially love the soft colour palette and the appealing, slightly unusual perspective of her polaroid shots.

Monday. Monday- Signed Fine Art PhotographFine Art Polaroid Photograph- Summer Love- Alicia Bockadrift- original signed fine art photographSing a Song of Distant Shores - Original Signed Fine Art PhotographSigned Fine Art Photograph- Le Ballon Rouge - Alicia BockThe Renault- Signed Fine Art PhotographCovet- Signed Fine Art PhotographUrchin- Original Signed Fine Art Photograph

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