Table Thirteen – Artisan Cafe

I was passing through Greenpoint the other day, a popular restaurant and decor district in Cape Town, and stopped for coffee and a bite to eat at Table Thirteen. This new and stylish eatery is attached to the beautiful T&Co interior store. (more about that soon..)

SIGHT – The interior is painted an elegant shade of slate, with splashes of coral-red and highlights of white. Exposed industrial ceiling, comfortable mismatched chairs and look up – sparkling chandeliers! I was immediately drawn to this simple, chic interior, but then the rich aroma of good coffee and yummy food being prepared pulled me in – SMELL!

TASTE – I ordered the delicious corn fritters, served with loads of bacon, pesto and homemade mayo and a really great cappuccino. Daily specials are chalked up in addition to the great menu.
I can tell that this is going to a popular destination for girly lunches – to keep in TOUCH.

HEAR – one of the most enjoyable sounds of the coffee-culture is the whoosh and hiss of the coffee machine, with the loud buzz of happy customers chatting away. I just love it.

Ebenezer Rd, Greenpoint, Cape Town, South Africa 021 418 0739

all images my own

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