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I read about AphroChic over at Decor8 this week and the bold, stylish designs caught my textile designer eye. Intrigued, I explored the range and the creator behind it..

AphroChic began its journey 3 years ago as an interior design blog and creative outlet for attorney Jeanine Hays. With her personal vision of a new kind of style, Jeanine progressed from writing about design to creating her own unique design collection.

The phrase “Modern, Soulful, Style,” perfectly mirrors the AphroChic philosophy, one that embraces the mix of cultural tradition with contemporary style.


Bold, modern and individual are the words I’d use to describe the AphroChic style.

The BeatThe Vibe

The Brooklyn Life toile is part of the second collection – Brooklyn Renaissance. It offers unique pieces including pillows, wallpaper, tabletop and bath items, bringing modern, soulful, style to the home.

Brooklyn Life RunnerBrooklyn Life Runner

Very cool shower curtains..

Brooklyn Life Shower CurtainThe Beat Shower Curtain

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