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New on my cookbook shelf is Bill Granger’s latest – Bill’s Basics. I photographed this stylishly simple book with an equally stylish flower : the poppy. I saw this patch of scarlet poppies on the side of the street, stopped and snipped a bunch. I love their delicate papery petals and inky black centres..something Georgia O’Keefe would do justice to.

I digress..back to Bill.

If simple, delicious and unpretentious food is your thing, then look no further than Bill Granger. This endearing Australian food writer, television chef and restaurateur has won over the hearts of many aspiring cooks worldwide. His fresh and unfussy recipes are fool proof and modern.

Bill's Basics 6

Bill's Basics 2

Bill's Basics 4

Bill's Basics 3

Bill's Basics 5

I’m going to give his Thai beef salad a whirl, and perhaps I’ll attempt the crisp pork belly with apple sauce (yum!) and I’m going to have to make the decadent chocolate brownies, because brownies are pretty much unbeatable! 
ps [I’m leaving the double-baked souffles on page 217 for someone else, ok?]

all photography by me

x Megan

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