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I popped into The Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock this week to try the coffee at Espresso Lab: the microroasters who take the exploration of coffee to another level. I had a really delicious cappuccino made from a harmonious blend of Brazilian, Costa Rican and Ethiopian beans. [The flavour of this blend, or tasting notes as the website informs me, should have a floral malty aroma, smooth caramel, cacao, praline, cherry, walnut, ginger bread, orange zest flavours with a velvet lingering finish.] And just as wine has distinct flavours unique to each grape variety and cultivar, so did this coffee.

Espresso Lab

Espresso Lab chooses their coffee from single farms, estates and cooperatives and roast the beans in small batches, having total control of the freshness and quality of the end product. 250g and 500g bags of roasted beans are also available for purchase at the counter, so your Espresso Lab experience can continue at home.

Have a look at website for more info about the brand, or even better still, visit them for a special coffee experience.

images 1,2 by me; image 3,4 from website

x Megan

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