Google Art Project

Living in South Africa definitely has it’s advantages – beautiful weather, pristine beaches, gorgeous scenery… but when it comes to visiting museums and galleries housing the world’s greatest art – well, not so much.

Now with the latest release from Google called Art Project, you can explore, in a virtual sense, 17 museums and galleries from around the world. View hundreds of artworks in high resolution and extraordinary detail. Every tiny detail, every brushstroke, every hairline crack can be seen using gigapixel photo-capturing technology. You can even curate your own collection of masterpieces on Art Project.

The interactive site allows the visitor to navigate through the different 3-dimensional rooms and floors of the galleries, just as Google maps enables you to drive along roads and avenues.

Jonathan Jones of the Guardian UK writes, “Google’s Street View-style inventory of the world’s great galleries is a technological wonder that redefines reproduction.”

From a cultural and educational aspect, it’s an amazing development, one which Google has been hard at work on for 18 months. People who would ordinarily not have the opportunity to ever visit these iconic museums and galleries can now take a virtual stroll through these beautiful spaces… and the additional bonus? No long queues!


x Megan

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