Doily love

I’ve recently inherited my granny’s handmade doilies and beautiful lacework, some pieces graciously faded and discoloured, some crisp and white. She had a delicate hand and apparently her mother (my great-granny) was even more skilled at this craft. I even have my granny’s pattern books and her crochet hooks… hmmm, perhaps it’s a relaxing pursuit I should explore to counteract the stresses of life..

or perhaps I’ll just look at these soothing doily inspired images instead:

delicate paper-thin lace porcelain bowls and lacy doily envelopes:

Porcelain Lace Cup, Translucent Candle Holder-Hideminy Lace Seriesdoily envelope

doily cameo and bird print on Etsy:

doily girl framed printdoily bird UNFRAMED print

doily garland:

Banner new2_resizeBanner new_resize

handmade doily cushions:

vintage prettiness from Country Living:

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x Megan

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