Showcase: Tamarillo Ceramics

Lorrae Mehmel of Tamarillo Design is a talented ceramicist who draws her inspiration from the beauty of nature. She eloquently translates that natural beauty into her ceramic work and the result is a really stylish and appealing product. Lorrae recently exhibited her work at the Design Indaba Expo 2011 which, incidentally, is where I first spotted this beautiful ceramic collection.

Tamarillo Ceramics 1

Tamarillo Ceramics 2

What I particularly enjoy about Tamarillo Ceramics is the simplicity of the designs: they’re sweetly stylish and I’m so into that monochromatic palette! Not to mention her use of the aloe and fynbos motifs [an indigenous Cape coastal vegetation] which carry a strong, uniquely South African point of view – right up my street!

Tamarillo Ceramics 3

images used in my collages from Tamarillo site

x Megan

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