Still Life: Chinese Tea Tin

All the items in this still life have sentimental value for me: the leather bowling bag, stiff with age, bought from an old second-hand store in the Natal Midlands. An inherited lace handkerchief, an antique wooden sewing box made by my grandfather and a Chinese tea tin with beautiful colours. The green prickly things were found and gingerly carried back home after an autumn walk with my kids.

dressed by style 1

dressed by style 2

dressed by style 4

photography by me

x Megan

2 thoughts on “Still Life: Chinese Tea Tin

  1. Eden {Recipes for the Good Life}

    Your description of why the objects had meaning really brought me into the still life. The second of the three photos is my favorite. I love the focus on the tea canister and the contrast in sharpness between the green lily leaves and the soft focus on the green prickly things.

  2. dressed by style

    Thanks Eden. I really enjoy choosing special items, setting them up, and then hopefully capturing it in a decent shot! Still trying to get my aperture settings to behave!


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