Autumn/Winter: Milk from a Thistle

I came back from holiday to a feed inbox literally bursting with hundreds of new posts. But before hyperventilating, I spotted amid the bulging feeds one of my faves – Australian brand Milk from a Thistle with their now available Autumn/Winter range. Yippee. I quickly changed tasks and skipped over to their site to calm myself down after the feed avalanche.

I found stripes [yes please], horses [my best] and flowers [so pretty] some styled with boyfriend jeans and all with a cool edginess to them: truly and delightfully restful to be sure…

Milk From A Thistle4d57cceb5a136_920_800

milk from a thistle 1

milk from a thistle 2

Milk from a thistle 3

Milk from a thistle 4

Milk from a thistle 5

don’t you just adore the grey socks and chunky sandals? I do!

Hop over to my other post featuring their equally gorgeous Spring/Summer range.

images for collages from Milk from a Thistle.

x Megan

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