Noa Noa: High Summer

Fancy a carefree beach holiday? These modern and feminine summer looks from Noa Noa are straight from my holiday dreams. I love the beach, having always lived a short drive from the ocean, and I still cherish my holiday memories of our sea-side caravan holidays as a youngster. Gritty beach sand in our beds and that sleepy, slightly sun-burnt feeling as we drifted off to sleep.

This collection called High Summer is pure fun-in-the-sun! Give me a wide-brimmed straw hat, a few silk kaftans and some beaded necklaces, and I’m ready to hit the beach. It’s just a pity that Cape Town is heading into her shivery, cold winter. Oh well, a girl can dream, right?

Noa Noa 107_11HSNN-02-4065_CatalogWide

Noa Noa 419_11HSNN_01-3939_BW_CatalogWide

Noa Noa 214_11HSNN-03-4547_CatalogWide

Noa Noa 524_11HSNN-16-7212_CatalogWide

Noa Noa 312_11HSNN-14-6981_CatalogWide

Noa Noa 622_11HSNN-18-7614_CatalogWide


image credits: Noa Noa

x Megan

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