Blouberg Strand

We took a drive out to Blouberg Strand a few weeks ago for a walk along the wintery beach. This unique part of the Cape coast looks onto our beautiful Table Mountain from across the bay. A gorgeous sight on a summers day with an amazing sunset to boot; but for me, it has a special beauty on a cold, winters day with the brooding cloud line above the table top.

Blouberg 6

Blouberg 2

Blouberg 3

Blouberg 4

Blouberg 5

all photos my own

x Megan

4 thoughts on “Blouberg Strand

  1. Tesca

    I'm in love with your photos. For me, they all have a vintage touch about them, which I really like. The landscape and especially the red aloe have totally captured my heart. Wonderful! Tesca x.


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