Earth Fair Food Market

earth fair market

Hello! Are you in the mood for a market? Well, every Thursday from 11am-5pm there’s an amazing one called the Earth Fair Food Market in St. George’s Square Cape Town. Whether you’re a foodie lover or just a hungry office worker, you’re spoilt for choice with delicious falafel pitas, chicken wraps, spicy curries, pickles, sauces and vegetarian pies on offer at the various stalls. For your sweet tooth, don’t forget to try the decadent Lady Cupcakes (with a hidden Lindt ball inside!), creamy pistachio fudge and cardamom infused honey. And while you’re strolling through the market, tasting and munching, you’re also listening to the sounds of a local jazz band, their melody echoing through the historical buildings on either side.

earth fair market 2

Fresh fruit and vegetables are also available, and you can pick up a beautiful bunch of flowers to take home too. Aren’t these funky green cauliflowers so amazing?!

earth fair market 1

Lady Spice had a fragrant array of spices, with fresh samosas and spring rolls ready to snack on:

earth fair market 3

Being a huge fan of the chilli, my first purchase was a biltong and chilli relish [so good!] from More Sauce and a bottle of their smoked chilli sauce, which has a sweet and smoky bite.

earth fair market 5

I also bought a spicy fennel chorizo sausage from The Charcuterie chaps, which I served on tomato and garlic bruschetta for friends the next night. Delish!

earth fair market 4

earth fair market 6

So make sure you keep this Thursday open, skip breakfast and head down to the Earth Fair Food Market – you wont regret it!

all photographs my own.

x Megan

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