Italy part III: Streets & Sights

Just when you thought you’d heard and seen the last of my Italian holiday, another instalment comes along! This time we explore the sights on the streets of Rome, Siena, Arezzo and a few other typically gorgeous Italian towns. I hope you enjoy the journey of my photographic memories:

Italy sights 2

Italy sights 1 script

Italy sights 3

Italy sights 4 script

Italy sights 11

Italy sights 5

Italy sights 7

Italy sights 6 script

Italy sights 8

Italy sights 9 script

Italy sights 12

Italy sights 10

all photography my own.

See my previous posts Italy part I and part II.

x Megan

9 thoughts on “Italy part III: Streets & Sights

  1. Tesca

    Beautiful photographs. Isn't Italy inspiring. My visit was a long time ago, but I still think of Volterra, Firenze, Siena and Arezzo… Thanks for bringing me back! Tesca x.


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