Showcase: Bart Brussee

I came across the beautiful work of Dutch photographer Bart Brussee the other day over at one of my favourite reads, April and May. I went along to his site and had to share his work here on Dressed By Style with you! He covers many genres, including fashion, interiors, food, portraits and children – all with a stylish eye and a captivating simplicity. This is just a mini collection of his interior images [I grouped them into colours], so make sure you go have a look at his other work. Simply beautiful.

Bart Brussee black&white

Love the combination of emerald, lime and spring green against a clean, white background:

Bart Brussee green&freshBart Brussee bursts of bright

Doesn’t this vibrant acid colour make you want to go out & paint something yellow?

Bart Brussee chrome yellow

Always soothing, always restful: blue.

Bart Brussee ocean blues

x Megan

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