Dear Denim

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Denim Blue text

Dear Denim
This iconic rugged cotton twill textile known as denim has seamlessly become a part of our culture & a symbol of casual & comfortable style. Trousers made from denim, dubbed jeans, originally designed for cowboys, became an American symbol of rebellion of the youth culture of the 1950’s. After all, who could forget the smouldering denim-clad James Dean in ‘Rebel Without a Cause’?
Strutting into the 60’s & 70’s, denim jeans were favoured by the young baby boomers of that generation & even Volkswagen joined in with their all-denim trim Jeans Beetle in 1973. Crack open a box of Crayola crayons & you’ll notice that one their colours, introduced in 1993, is appropriately named Denim, taking colouring-in books to new heights.
So this post is in honour of the iconic indigo-dyed trousers found hanging in almost every wardrobe in the world, walking down every street & most catwalks too…I’ll even throw in some denim-derived decor to match:
Denim Blue 4
Denim Blue 5
Denim Blue 3
Denim Blue 1
Denim blue 2

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