Dress Up Corner #8

Naturals and neutrals work so beautifully in both fashion and decor. They create a calm atmosphere and an uncluttered look, both pulled together and chic. These paired down decor images below are my kind of lovely. The exposed brickwork, natural beams and clean white cement or wooden flooring. All aspects create unity and cohesion in the most simple way. So today, Dress Up Corner is a toned down and stylish representation of this inspiring natural decor.

dress up corner

dress up corner #10 Street Stylish jpg

dress up corner 2

decor images 1. 2. 3. 4.

fashion images 1 bottega veneta clutch. 2 mih jeans. 3 burberry biker trench. 4 stella mccartney silk shirt. 5 acne pistol boots. all from matches.

x Megan

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