Leifsdottir [love]

Leifsdottir, a Scandinavian-inspired brand with a folksy style and global feel, is now available at Anthropologie. Why do I torture myself when Anthropologie is nowhere near my South African shores? Fashion love has this effect on me: I often love what I cannot have! So the wish list items will just have to remain that way.


An excerpt from an article in the NY Times about the vision behind Leifsdottir:

The woman behind the fledgling brand is Johanna Uurasjarvi, a striking, towheaded 47-year-old from Hamina, a small town on the south coast of Finland. But she and a nine-person design team draw inspiration from locations as far flung as Turkey and Brazil. “We make big mood boards and it evolves,” Ms. Uurasjarvi said recently at her publicist’s office on Astor Place in Manhattan (the company is reportedly scouting locations for a Manhattan flagship). “It’s a lot about imagination and storytelling.”


A sneaky peak at some of pieces currently available at Anthropologie [and on my wish list]:

Leifsdottir collage

lovely, no? *sigh*

x Megan

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