Stitching Concrete

Industrial designer Florian Schmid has created the proverbial double-take in furniture. Concrete, valued for it’s durability and hardness, has taken on a fabric fluidity and organic design in the form of Florian’s project Stitching Concrete stools.


Using the new material Concrete Canvas [a flexible cement impregnated fabric that hardens on hydration], Florian creates an untraditional marriage between cloth and concrete, softness and stability. After the final shape is achieved, the material is watered and within 24 hours it hardens. His personal challenge was to bring something new to this raw material, hence the stitch work and origami-like shapes.




Essentially, it’s concrete on a roll: all you do is add water!

seen via trendland

x Megan

4 thoughts on “Stitching Concrete

  1. D

    Wow, thanks for the post and links. I work as a environmental planner doing tourism infrastructure for a conservation organisation – always great to hear about new materials that allow more design freedom.


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