A Spring Day[dream]

So winter arrived again in Cape Town today. Not really the beginning of Spring as we had anticipated, but I thought I’d put myself in the right frame of mind with some Spring-filled inspiration..

Spring 6

There’s nothing like the hum of bumblebees and the sweetness of macaroons to put you in a dreamy mood… or how about some sorbet-painted tins with pansies, or a grassy-green garden party?

Spring 1

A gorgeous arrangement of fresh flowers and a platter of pastel macaroons. Surely a simple rose & succulent bouquet and perhaps a cool frozen treat would conjure up Spring thoughts?

Spring 7

The twitter of birdsong and a romp in the tulips

Spring 2

More macaroons and a sprig of pink blossoms would surely make Spring seem closer… and did you hear the birds this morning and smell the soft scent of the roses?

Spring 5

Imagine an old zinc tub filled with flowers and a climbing rose against a stucco wall…

Spring 3

Dream of Paris in the Springtime with the Eiffel Tower as a backdrop, and a perhaps a floral fashion shoot or two…

I’m in the mood for Spring now! I hope you are too.

x Megan

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