[check] it out

tweed. tartan. check. plaid. gingham. These heritage fabrics retain comforting connotations in my mind’s eye. Perhaps the smell of old books and leather, a gentleman’s study or the masculine smoky scent of cigars. As a child I had a striking red, kilt-style tartan skirt, made by my mom, which I wore with confidence; and my school uniform was a sweet gingham pinafore.

When I think of plaid or tartan, my immediate fashion connection is to Alexander McQueen or Vivienne Westwood, whose edgy and inspirational use of this iconic fabric is anything but traditional. Combined with high fashion, an old world heritage textile becomes fresh, young and inspired.

So I collected, curated and collaged some of my favourite checked finds from street styles and decor…

check it out 1 1.2.3.

check it out 2 1.2.3.

check it out 3 1.2.3.

check it out 4 1.2.3.

check it out 5 1.2.3.

check it out 6 1.2.3.

Check it out 7 1.2.3.

check it out 8 1.2.3.

check it out 9 1.2.3.

check it out 10 11 1.2.3.

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x Megan

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