Pick me!

Hello. Remember that bloggers challenge I entered, hosted by Freeworld Design Centre? Well, this is the final and last chance to get voting for your favourite blogger [uh uhm…ME!] because voting closes this Thursday.

Below are the 3 entries which I submitted, and if you have already voted, thank you very much! If you haven’t yet had a moment to click the stars and vote, then please click on each of these images below which will link you directly to the site to see the rest of the post. Sign in with your Facebook account or join with your email address, then just click on the stars above my entries… you can vote for all of my posts, and since it’s getting quite close, I’m hoping that you do! *wink*

Wanderlust Ways polaroid

A Monochrome Mood polaroid

Dear Denim polaroid

x Megan

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