I love Instagram


I’ve had an idea brewing for a while which I’d like to share. I’m sure you know about the incredible app for iPhone called Instagram. I’ve been using it for a while now, both on my iPhone and on my blog, and find it an instant and fun way of sharing little bits of our lives through the lens with followers from across the globe.

I’m starting a series on this blog which will highlight 8 photos of an Instagrammer [yup, not sure that’s a real word..yet] whose images I love. The choice of photos is yours and all you have to do is send me 8 of your favourite photos taken with Instagram which I’ll put into a format and link to your blog [if you have one] and your Followgram URL, the site which allows you to see your Instagram photos online.

dressedbystyle instagram 2 copy

You can either email your images to dressedbystyle[at]gmail[dot]com or I can select 8 photos from your Followgram. Just send me your Instagram handle if I’m not already following you.

My Followgram profile is here or click that little camera icon on the right sidebar to access it.

I hope you’re keen to participate in this series…it should be a cool way to share snippets of our daily inspirations through the lens. After all, life is in the details.

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