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Please welcome my sweet friend Jeanne, all the way from San Francisco, to INSTAGRAM PICS. Jeanne and I have never met but after connecting on an online course earlier this year, our mutual love for fashion and all things pretty has kept us in touch. Jeanne has a fabulous blog called Shop Sweet Things where she shares her passion for fashion, a love for decor and her gorgeous shopping finds. I love Jeanne’s personal style and her Instagram pics are a great way to catch up from across the world. Today I’m sharing 10 of my faves from Jeanne’s Followgram.


Thanks for taking part in my INSTAGRAM PICS Jeanne!

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3 thoughts on “Instagram pics

  1. Shop Sweet Things with Jeanne

    Wow, Megan! Thank you so much for sharing my Instagram on your blog. Such an honor! I love following yours and am so glad we connected this year. Looking forward to many more of your inspirations and great styles! xoxoxox from San Francisco!


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