gilded glass by Frauke Stegmann


Frauke Stegmann has done it again…this time with her Rejected-Reconsidered series of gorgeously gilded glass jars, the golden drips reminiscent of her trademark ‘Milnerton Market is nice’ porcelain series featured below. I’m already crazy about the beautiful simplicity of normal glass jars (yes, I have a cupboard fill of them, patiently waiting to be filled with the homemade jams and relishes I will one day have time to make) but Frauke takes these jars to another level of beauty. They’ve been granted a second life, this time one with a splash of gilded royalty replacing their former peanut-butter label. I love the concept of an object which has been reconsidered and these jars fit the bill beautifully.


Frauke’s ceramics can be purchased from the Church Gift Shop or for more info click over to


images via Elle Decoration

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