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little studio

Then Little Studio from Sweden should brighten up your day. If bold colours and sharp shapes are your thing, then the dynamic Swedish duo behind Little Studio will certainly make you look twice. Marit Lissdaniel and Angelica Utterberg are the names behind this unique project, born in March 2010 amid much laughter and sketching.

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Their colourful and imaginative designs can be easily integrated into many different settings since they’re not gender specific, neither are they meant for a particular age group. Created with colour, shape and a playful dose of fun, Little Studio draws inspiration from a child’s ability to see beyond the expected, to see out of the box…

For example, a triangle could just be a triangle – but it can also be a mountain.
Or a circle, a circular symbol, can with other circles turn into soap bubbles.

Having children of my own, I get where these two talented ladies are coming from.

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And look here…they ship worldwide. Good news indeed for those of us living south of the border. Music to my South African ears!


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