how does your garden grow?

have you seen the latest issue of Elle Decoration SA? It comes with a gorgeous insert called Grow which is full of inspiration for greening your habitat & great ideas for the urban interior. Editor Sven Alberding explains that Grow has sprung out of “the craving for being surrounded by nature and all things handcrafted, tactile and authentic.”


So the inspiration from this issue had me expanding my collection of plant clippings growing in glass bottles (which I always think look so fresh & spontaneous, dotted around the house) & taking a few pictures…


There’s a CIY (create it yourself) on how to make a seed bomb, which I’d like to try; and the breathtakingly beautiful String Gardens, a series of self-supporting, hanging plant containers invented by Dutch designer Fedor van der Valk. Also check out the unique Wearable Planter, the miniature necklace pendants created by Colleen Jordan which can be planted with your favourite succulent or fragrant herb.


These simple quarter-litre glass bottles are from a favourite shop of mine, at the Woodstock Foundry. They probably should be used for red wine, but they look pretty sweet keeping a few indigenous cuttings safe…




I collected dozens of these delicately studded sea urchin shells which were washed up onto the beach on this holiday up the West Coast. I keep them in a large cylindrical glass vase, their chartreuse fragility making a beautiful decorative piece.

So if you don’t have your April/May issue of Elle Decoration SA yet… what are you waiting for?

all photos my own

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