showcase: Julia McKenzie


Julia McKenzie is a UK-based artist whose work is primarily drawing based, layered with paper cuts and collage. Julia’s bird art works caught my eye on Pinterest the other day and I’m so glad I found the source of these feathered gems. Julia incorporates map cut-outs and then sketches over these with sayings and messages, creating a whimsical

“I am interested in drawing and recording what I can find in my immediate environment. I look for the evidence of nature I can hold in my hand from my suburban garden to what I can find on my travels to the sea or the countryside.”5057952292_d0ed609f77_z

Julia’s love commissions are really unique & special. Each collage has been commissioned by someone who wants to celebrate or commemorate something special.

“Each bird, place and piece of text has been chosen to chart a shared life or new beginnings. Each bird symbolizes a place that has meaning for those who it is made for.”6011593926_fbecbddc79_b6938185820_0c05c25d71_z5595154430_d96b4b6849_z6938186146_3de677fef0_cFollow Julia’s flickr, blog & website for more.

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