showcase: Oriol Angrill Jorda


I recently discovered the work of Spanish artist Oriol Angrill Jorda whose latest series of paintings I found incredibly memorable. Entitled Blendscapes, this series explores the beauty of nature & landscapes through the delicately handled format of portraiture. There’s a strong sense of sky, earth & water in these pieces, yet these landscapes don’t overwhelm the mesmerising watercolour portraits into which they’re blended.


As an artist, he’s always looking for new experiences and exploring different techniques in which to express himself. Ironically, Oriol doesn’t seem to approach the making of art in the usual way. “I just like to draw things that happen in real life, I’m tired of visiting contemporary art galleries or museums, it’s just like visiting primary schools on a parent’s day. They try to express themselves randomly or paint thrown on a canvas or sticking on trash.”




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