still life by kontor kontur

Did you enjoy the long weekend? I had great plans to sort through some cupboards and organise my winter wardrobe, but alas, not too much of this happened. Maybe not a bad thing, considering life’s frenetic pace. It’s good to mooch about and unwind every now and then. So, as a reminder of the organising which still awaits me behind closed closet doors, a little visual feast of organised bliss is up today. The super appealing colour-coded compositions by Swedish design office Kontor Kontur are my kind of lovely.


This still life series of everyday objects and office supplies, reminiscent of Things Organized Neatly & Carl Kleiner’s latest editorial, is massively appealing to a person who likes to arrange things by colour, group things by kind & has a crush on office supplies… like me.


and these graphic arrangements are available as prints from their online shop




seen via trendland

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