showcase: Liam Brazier


The work of illustrator and animator Liam Brazier was featured in the December issue of Design Times and grabbed my attention immediately. I find it inconceivable to click past a graphic & geometrically inclined artwork, so it’s a no brainer that these distinctively angular illustrations by this London-based artist were right up my street.


Having created illustration and animation work for the likes of Apple, Samsung, Dazed & Confused, Design Week, the Museum of London, London tube platforms, international film festivals, Virgin TV, and nationwide cinemas, Liam’s idiosyncratic style has deservedly captured the attention of many others.


Alluding to many a pop culture villain & hero, Liam’s work is original in the manner in which he creates it. Starting with a composition in mind, Liam used to meticulously cut the angled shapes from paper (painful and laborious, by the sounds of it) but now builds the collage up in Photoshop… a far safer method with less finger injuries,one would hope.



These sketch-like illustrations showcase Liam’s artistic talent and intuitive use of colour:


With a wry sense of humour and a simple concept, these black & white illustrations were among my favourites:


Watch this video for one of Liam’s clever yet uncomplicated animations:

Find more of Liam Brazier’s work here and follow his blog here.

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