tickled pink

My guest post for Freeworld Design Centre last week was hot. Hot pink that is…

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Pink. Sometimes called the colour of love, the variations of this hue lie somewhere between red and white. In Persian, pink is named souraty, meaning colour of the face, and in Hindi, it’s called gulabi, meaning colour of a rose.

The actual colour pink is named after the flowers called pinks which have a frilly edge. Anyone with a pair of pinking shears will get the connection… “to pink” may have come from the German pinken, “to peck”, and it literally means to “to decorate with a perforated or punched pattern.” Hence the connection between the frilled pattern of that little pink flower and the aptly named colour.

Are you a fan of pink? Some like it hot while others prefer their pink on the pastel side. I love a splash of hot pink… like this DIY pink chalk board door above. It’s a fun and creative spin on the traditional blackboard.

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