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I find it difficult to resist a black & white checkerboard floor… all that symmetry and my favourite black/white combination gets me every time. But it can be quite a dominant feature in a room and I found this article on Apartment Therapy particularly helpful if you find the checkerboard too much. It highlights various ways which can soften the hard edges of a traditional checkerboard floor, especially in a contemporary style setting.


The checkerboard pattern dates back thousands of years, where it was often used as a decorative pattern on pottery, and black and white checkerboard floors first appear in European paintings in the 15th century. Often associated with kitchens from the 1920s and ‘30s, checkerboard patterned linoleum tiles were a popular decorative feature in a home.



Do you notice the difference it makes if the squares run diagonally across a room, or if they’re parallel to the walls? Which do you prefer? Are you a fan of the checkerboard?

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  1. Linda Leyble

    Hi – Visiting from BYW 2.0. I love your blog – very nice. Lucky you – living in such a beautiful place!

    I loved your photo of yourself on the About page. Perhaps you should put that photo (or other) on your page on the right hand side.

    I have so much to do on my own blog and my about pages!!!

    I love cherboard floors – and anything black and white (even though I love color). Very nice compilation!!


    PS – I will follow you!!!

    1. dressed by style

      thank you Linda for the encouraging and very generous comment. I appreciate it !
      I think your idea to have a photo on the home page is a good one.
      Enjoy class and I'll see you around.


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