46664 fashion

last week I guest posted about the colourful & hip fashion label 46664 Fashion for Freeworld Design Centre


The global expansion of 46664 Fashion began last week on July 18 with the launch of the brand in North America on Mandela Day. This uniquely African fashion brand expresses the vitality, diversity, quirkiness and youthful vigour of the continent upon which it was conceived. The apparel brand designed by Chris Vogelpoel and Barbara Tosalli is firmly rooted in Africa and focuses on promoting Nelson Mandela’s humanitarian legacy. Their winter lookbook is vibrant, eye-catching and embraces Madiba’s inspiring mantra, “A brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”


But does yet another clothing label make economical savvy in a financial recession? Well, according to Brand ID, the brand custodian & master license holder in the US, the global expansion of 46664 Fashion will also see “an increase in funds flowing into 46664 and the possibility of creating jobs in South Africa’s local manufacturing industries. This means that the brand is also making good on its underpinning intention, which is to provide a sustainable source of income for 46664’s humanitarian work and also have a positive impact on the struggling clothing and textile sectors.”


In support of the community, Marie Claire magazine in partnership with GOLD, a dynamic non-profit organisation benefiting the youth, will presented a Pop-Up University at the Plascon Freeworld Design Centre. Five well-known personalities shared their insights and inspirations with GOLD’s youth, aiming to inspire these peer leaders, who in turn will influence and inspire their peers.








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