in case you missed last weeks guest post for Freeworld Design Centre, it was delightful…


The simplest of materials can sometimes create the most beautiful objects. Take this ball of string… such a useful yet somewhat mundane household item, but look at what you could shape from the humble ball of string. Beautiful string light balls


Or wrap some twine around a glass jar for an interesting votive holder…


A happy row of twinkling glass lights, strung together with twine, would make such pretty outdoor party decorations…


Perhaps give those crochet doilies a granny-chic update by wrapping them around a glass jar?


And the unassertive piece of paper? Imagine the delightful DIY cube string lights one could create with a simple sheet of white paper? Here’s how…


How about wrapping perforated paper with a delicate pattern around a glass vase for a sophisticated candle holder?


I love these DIY paper cup garlands covered in different wrapping paper prints…they look really easy and inexpensive to make.


This is a showstopper of the paper variety… a stunning origami-style paper pendant fashioned into a spherical prickly ball. Gorgeous!


So let your imaginations take flight and create beauty and charm with the humblest of materials. They’re truly delightful.


(Origami birds & circle garlands)

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