flavour of the month: August

well, September is here and it looks like things will finally start to warm up in my neck of the woods. Although we don’t get snow in our back yards, Cape Town had the coldest winter that I can recall since I’ve lived here!

So, by way of my iPhone & Instagram, let’s see what I got up to last month…


Typo, the trendy Australian stationery brand, opened in my local mall, and I blush to admit that I’ve been finding it hard to resist…


This little metal apple needed a quick update with my white spray paint… I like to call it my Scandi-In-A-Can treatment. I normally keep my watch & rings in it, but at the moment it’s keeping some rolls of washi tape cosy.


Clarke’s in Bree Street is a hip diner which makes delicious food & great coffee…


This wonderful cook book by Karen Dudley called ‘A Week in the Kitchen’ was a gift from a dear friend. It’s filled with recipes from The Kitchen in Woodstock & takes you along a mouth-watering, week-long journey through the kitchen of this much-loved Cape Town eatery.


Another favourite spot to shop at is The Space. Below are a few pieces from our talented designer Amanda Laird-Cherry. Loving the pops of neon from her latest collection!


And speaking of colour…


My pretty little cat Bella loves company & has spent most of the winter in my warm studio…



Do you love tea? Then O’ways Tea Cafe in Claremont is the place to visit. This tea cafe offers more than 80 Nigiro teas, sourced from Africa and Asia, and steeped to perfection in glass tea pots. A truly peaceful and energising experience.

And pretzels & nutella became my new favourite snack last month. Try it! You wont be disappointed!


I loved these bright poppies casually prettying up a glass jar at the Bluebird Garage Market in Muizenberg…


And a walk through the Tokai forest is always a good way to spend a Saturday afternoon…


Yay for the eagerly awaited arrival of Zara in Cape Town…we certainly have been a patient city of little fashionistas!


And Entrepo at the V&A Waterfont invited me their media launch. A gorgeous and sophisticated store with impeccable taste. Loads of wishlist items there!

Join me again next time for another instalment of Flavour of the Month.

2 thoughts on “flavour of the month: August

  1. mauishopgirl

    K, gonna gush now. Hopped over here from the BYW 2.0 google reader list and love your blog (& September!) So jealous of typo, wish we had that brand here. I also love your apple dish (an apple a day…). Just subscribed as I'm going to remove the BYW list soon from my reader (it's cluttering up my feed a bit).

    Aloha from Hawaii!

    1. dressed by style

      Thanks for the sweet comment, glad you've found me through BYW.
      Typo is quite new here and already a big hit. We have a serious lack of stationery brands, so I think they'll do well. Perhaps Hawaii will one day have them too!


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