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I posted about fashion you can sit on for Freeworld Design Centre last week…


Over the years, Jamie Oliver has become a cheerful household name who has raised awareness of healthy eating & the importance of home-cooked meals. Jamie has educated & reminded us of the power of good food, actively raising our collective consciousness with a cheeky smile & a sense of humour.



Now the famous chef has enlisted the talents of some of Britain’s leading creatives for The Big Chair Project, which intends to raise money for his charity – the Better Food Foundation. Jamie Oliver enlisted the help of several big names in the world of design and art, including Sarah Burton, Christopher Bailey, Matthew Williamson & Paul Smith to customise their own chair by furniture brand Fritz Hansen, which celebrates the 60th anniversary of the iconic Fritz Hansen ANT™ chair. “I’m truly humbled to have such a brilliantly talented group of people from the fashion and art worlds to help on this fantastic project to raise money and help us mark the occasion,” said Jamie.




This initiative coincides with the 10 year anniversary of Oliver’s restaurant chain, Fifteen.

“It’s incredibly exciting to think that Fifteen restaurant and the foundation have been helping to inspire, educate and empower young people for 10 years now,” said Oliver.






Happy Days!

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