Bannon Fu: wind art

Fabric blowing in the breeze takes on beautiful proportions with Bannon Fu‘s delicately painted watercolors. Bannon Fu paints the wind…

WIND! You cannot see the wind! It does not have a smell or color or form or touch… so how could I paint it? I found that cloth and clothes swelled when the wind blew, and I realized that I could translate the wind onto paper or canvas through the shape that it gave to cloth.

This Chinese artist has loved art his whole life and expresses this love through his gently evocative paintings. Bannon Fu is also deaf. Imagine a world without the distraction of sound, where every movement catches your eye, and every subtle nuance of nature is heightened.

I really love the wind. I love the cloth and clothes as they swell, move, make spaces, dance, blow, shift between light and darkness, and turn different colors.

see more of Bannon Fu’s work here.

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