beetle mania

if this beetle trend doesn’t bring out the entomologist in you, then little else will. I’m a massive fan of this trend (perhaps it’s because I have 2 boys!)…love this graphic monochrome print with its designer beetles and Clinton Friedman’s beetle brolly is a beauty.

a stylishly curated cabinet from Weekday Carnival

and perhaps giant beetles on the wall, or maybe the plate?

this vintage beetle print would work so well in a contemporary setting…

as would these beetle prints on Etsy…

and lest we forget the rock ‘n roll beetles…

are you a fan of this creepy-crawly trend?

2 thoughts on “beetle mania

  1. ashley rachelle

    i really like this beetle print from small talk studio: i was luckily enough to interview the artist and she says that she loves to paint insects but is actually afraid of the in real life. i can relate! (here’s the link if you are interested–

    btw, i just found your blog today and i really love the look and content! xoxo

    1. Megan Post author

      Hi Ashley.thanks so much for the kind words and the links..I love the Small Talk Studio prints! The Scandi folk art influences in her work are so appealing. I’m glad you visited! 🙂


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