I was browsing my Pastel Pinterest board yesterday and a beautifully dreamy picture caught my eye…(don’t you just love it when you’ve forgotten about something and then have a sweet reminder?) Well, although this collection by Muveil is from spring/summer 2011 and not their latest, it’s feminine, soft playfulness is still fashionably forward and I just had to share it a year later…

Muveil is a coined word from the French muguet, meaning lily-of-the-valley and veil. In the French language of flowers, muguet means desiring happiness, and veil also signifies desiring happiness without being seen. Designer Michiko Nakayama expresses that Muveil is “real clothes for adults, born in its realistic daily lives. Classical and elegant, then once in while, a scent of vintage and high quality for real women with a bit of playfulness.”  Personally, I love the the ombre effect, almost dip-dyed in some pieces, which create sweet stripes and a gorgeous blurred layering of shades and tones. The feminine pastel pink, lime and yellow are given a boyish edge when combined with the natural camel and tan shades.

originally found via coolchicstylefashion.

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