showcase: Sandra Juto

one of the things I love about Instagram (and there are many!) is that it gives a glimpse of everyday, ordinary people and their own specially unique filtered view of the neighborhood in which they live. If you are one of the 36k+ followers who follow a certain Swedish freelance illustrator, graphic designer and artist who lives in Berlin, then you’re probably already a fan of this lady’s individual viewpoint.

Sandra Juto is also a blogger, online shop owner, photographer and crocheter who hand makes the practical & quirky Wrist Worms (love that name), which are made from high quality 100% wool. Sandra says, Wrist Worms keep your hands warm in front of the computer, and come in handy for example when taking pictures outdoors, playing the piano, using your touch screen phone, walking with the pram, drinking coffee outdoors.
Not only are they very useful, they complete most outfits in a quite stylish way.

Sandra has many inspirations and they show in her Instagram feed. She says, In my blog I post pictures of my work, but most of all pictures of my everyday life. Some of my biggest passions in life are long walks, taking pictures, drinking coffee, meeting friends, going out to restaurants & bars, yarn and visiting new places.

Her illustrations are equally creative…find them in her online shop.

and don’t forget her cheeky buttcrack characters…

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