hello yellow

Hello yellow! This gloriously happy colour is where this Monday’s at…my guest post from last week for Plascon Design Centre:

With summer around the corner, it seems quite appropriate to post a palette which is sun-­‐drenched and gloriously happy. Yellow. The colour of daffodils, lemons & my mom’s long-­‐gone-­‐but-­‐not-­‐forgotten Citi Golf. The vibrant boldness of the colour yellow never fails to grab my attention and, without fail, give me my money’s worth. Bright, supremely optimistic and gorgeously upbeat, yellow is my new best friend. 

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3 thoughts on “hello yellow

  1. fenny setiawan

    I love to see yellow and bright color here, as mostly blogger that I follow present fall/winter color… :0
    Suddenly feel the Summer spirit again…
    Lovely new blog design, Megan. Sorry been a while did not visit this lovely place.

  2. sam

    I love yellow! I had a little yellow uno…always made me feel cheery. And, as for that yellow sliding door in your post *sigh*.

    Thanks for your bright & summery post!


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