hello lovely readers…how are you all on this Thursday? Today I’m feeling a distinct winter chill to the Cape Town air: I hate to admit it, but winter is just around the corner for us. However, this change of season means that we can start wearing boots, jackets and cosy scarves again, which is a look I quite like. With my New York trip coming up at the end of this month, I’ve been watching the weather closely to see if it’ll warm up or stay very nippy in the big city…I hate over-packing and like to know what I’ll be needing from a wardrobe point of view. Of course, if I’m caught with too-hot or too-cold clothes, I can always hit the shops, right?

So our approaching winter weather (which is, let’s face it, not particularly cold in comparison to our northern friends) has got me eyeing the fur-wearing street-stylers out there and dreaming of vintage fur coats…

vanessa-jackman-fur-1 vanessa-jackman-fur-2 vanessa-jackman-fur-3 the-sartorialist-fur-1 the-sartorialist-fur-5 the-sartorialist-fur-2 the-sartorialist-fur-6 the-sartorialist-fur-3 the-sartorialist-fur-7 the-sartorialist-fur-4 citizen-couture-fur-1

image credits 1-6 Vanessa Jackman. 7-16 The Sartorialist. 17-18 Citizen Couture.

2 thoughts on “f-ursday

  1. gudy herder

    It’s so funny to see the weather at the other side of the globe. I am lucky enough to live in Spain and Spring has already come whereas my family living in Germnay is having a hard time with snow at end March! They would wear everything you are posting right now. Lovely pics!

    1. Megan Post author

      Hi Gudy, yes it must be strange to think about the weather on the other side of the world! I hope things warm up for your family and spring makes an appearance! thanks for stopping by.


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