west elm discovers south africa


I love it when top international brands discover & support the beautiful diversity of our gorgeous South Africa..like West Elm, the oh-so-stylish American home decor store which searches for inspiration in far-flung places. Guess which country they love? Yup, that country at the southern tip of Africa I like to call home. This feature on their site which showcases come fantastic local artistic talents & places to visit in Cape Town recently caught my eye. Check out the West Elm site for videos featuring several of our talented artists chatting about their craft…

west-elm-loves-SA-artistswest-elm-loves-SA west-elm-loves-SA-camps-bay west-elm-loves-SA-muizenberg west-elm-loves-SA-woodstock

I love that so many of the spots to visit are places I go to regularly…Cape Town is a beautiful and super inspiring home!

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