Julie Lee – food collage


I came across these imaginative food collages by Julie Lee over on Trendland this morning and thought it would be a great creative catalyst to kick off the day. Julie’s inspiration behind her photography began with her food collages on Instagram, starting out as a way to “showcase seasonal and local offerings from neighborhood farmers markets. It’s evolved into an ongoing project in the study of plant design, exploration of color theory, and pure, unadulterated food-love.”


She very sweetly confesses on her about page that she likes to play with her food and finds great joy in creating, sharing and learning about beautiful, delicious things. There’s something reminiscent about her collages for me…back at art college, I studied botanical painting and would sometimes create cool collages of flowers, fruit & veg before painting them as botanicals. I would’ve loved to have see Julie’s work back then!

julie-lee-food-collage-8 julie-lee-food-collage-7 julie-lee-food-collage-6 julie-lee-food-collage-5 julie-lee-food-collage-4 julie-lee-food-collage-2 julie-lee-food-collage-3 julie-lee-food-collage-1

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One thought on “Julie Lee – food collage

  1. Jo

    Wow! Julie’s work is so incredible – I love the colour, small details and meticulous layouts, very inspiring indeed.


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