blooming: Pernilla Hed


I know, I know…I’m totally kidding myself here. I’m absolutely well-aware of the fact that we are nowhere near springtime in this hemisphere. But I just can’t help it…the seductive pull of all those pretty spring blossoms from the north is just too much for me to resist. I mean, who could refuse this gorgeous floral gallery over at Skona Hem? I gave in…








What really struck me about these floral photographs, is the relaxed and casual way the flowers are showcased. I’m a fan of displaying single blooms in simple vases or bottles (a more shabby-chic approach to flower arrangements, because I know I’m no good at the traditional kind), and I really like the informal look it gives to a table-scape. It actually accentuates the beauty of the flower when they’re not all jammed together into a stiff arrangement, and you don’t need as many flowers to make a statement. Also, I’m a bit of a vase magpie, so any excuse to display my ever-growing collection of vases sounds good to me!


beautiful photography by Pernilla Hed from Skona Hem

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