inside out photo project


Can art change the world? A really cool project caught my eye on the local news channel when I was in New York City…the Inside Out photo booths bring the printers to the streets, allowing the public to have their portrait snapped inside a mobile photo booth for free. A minute later and their black & white large-format poster is printed and ready to be pasted in a public space. Over 80,000 portraits have been taken at these photo booths around the world. From April 22 to May 10, 2013, INSIDE OUT NEW YORK CITY gives New Yorkers and visitors the opportunity to take self-portraits in the photo booth truck parked in Times Square, the site of the world’s first ever photo booth almost 100 years ago.


How did this all start, and more importantly, why? On March 2, 2011, Frenchman JR won the TED prize at the TED Conference in Long Beach, California, calling for “the creation of a global participatory art project with the potential to change the world…called Inside Out.”


JR believes that art can change the world and gives everyone the option to share their portrait and make a statement for what they believe in. People can share their untold stories on this global platform, making their personal identity a work of public art.



watch JR’s inspiring video to find out more:

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