love local – Stokperd furniture

happy Friday! My latest Love Local column to kick off the weekend…


Frustrated with the struggle of finding just the right piece of furniture while renovating their home, Monya Eastman made a few drawings and got someone to make the ideas in her head. Her cool and unique Stokperd furniture brand was born. If you’re not a local, I should probably explain that stokperd is the Afrikaans word for hobby, and literally means stick horse. I love the synergy of the name: Monya took her hobby, making beautiful things out of wood, and has galloped off with the idea, making her dream a reality. With original pieces available from her website or the option of Monya designing a specific item which will be utterly unique for your space, your furniture dreams can be custom made and also become a reality.







all images from Stokperd furniture.

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