Swedish farmhouse

When Anna and Michael first spotted this farmhouse in the Swedish countryside, they knew it was the place they wanted to call home. They had to wait 10 years for that dream to become a reality. Embracing the original rustic nature of the farmhouse, set on a garden plot with the forest and rolling hills beyond, the couple were determined to not simply tear out the old and replace the new. Rather, they used their skills and resources, along with paint and hard work, to coax the original farmhouse features back to life.

The big lights over the kitchen table have an interesting background…Anna bought them from a farmer who had them in his pig stall. They were green and full of pig poop, but after giving them a scrub with a wire brush, Anna revealed the beauty beneath and now they illuminate a much cleaner home!







There are beautiful touches throughout the home which complement the original farmhouse atmosphere yet still lend it a stylishly, contemporary feeling. Anna imparts some valuable advice if you’ve recently bought a home that requires renovations. Here are her top 5 interior design tips:

  1. Hurry slowly. Think about different solutions and possibilities before you decide what to do.
  2. Love your house, although it is not perfect and newly renovated. One cannot change all at once.
  3. What suits your house? If the house is old and has been modernized – how you can recreate the old style?
  4. Create a neutral base that can be changed by whim and seasons.
  5. Seize the light from the windows. We do not have any curtains in the old windows, they are so beautiful in itself.

images via Lantliv photographed by Jonas Lundberg. Originally seen on My Scandinavian Home.

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